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The many specialities and services available at Medpoint allow us to take care of all of your needs at one location.


Scheduling an Appointment

At Medpoint, we understand that your time is valuable, that is why our scheduling method is quick and easy. Simply call the number listed below and one of our friendly staff members will help you schedule an appointment.

You can reach our appointment staff at (414) 461-9250.

Prepare for your appointment

The following checklist describes the information we require from you before or during your initial examination. Please be prepared with this information during your first visit. In some cases you may be required to mail this information ahead of time. Any information you send to Medpoint should be clearly marked with your name, address, and phone number.

Information about your referring or primary physician

Phone Number
Fax Number (if applicable)
Email (if applicable)

Information about you

Phone Number
Email (if applicable)
Information for Identification & Billing
Insurance information - please bring your insurance card with you
Questions for your doctor - please prepare a list of specific questions that you would like to ask

Your complete Medical History and Records

  • Bring your original medication containers. Also include all vitamins, herbals, or over-the-counter pills or remedies. This helps avoid confusion over dosages and names of your current medical program.
  • Bring the discharge summaries from any recent hospital stays (within the past 3 to 5 years), or a signed authorization to allow us to obtain your medical information.
  • Make a list of any devices (such as a pacemaker) and the type and settings that have been prescribed for you, if known.
  • If you have had any of the following diagnostic tests or procedures, please obtain the actual tests (films or tracings) and reports from your outside doctor. Bring this information with you, or mail it ahead of time via overnight mail or express mail to your Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute doctor.
  • Operative notes from previous heart surgeries
  • Cardiac catheterization: actual film plus report
  • Echocardiogram: report plus actual film (video tape or CD-ROM are fine)
  • Thallium stress test: actual x-ray film plus report
  • Chest x-ray, CT scans, ultrasounds: x-ray films plus report
  • Electrocardiograms: actual tracings, if available
  • Electrophysiology testing: actual tracings and reports